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Energy is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. Moreover, our consumption of energy is causing serious damage to the environment, both in terms of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Energy management therefore constitutes a major challenge for our society that has to be addressed as a matter of urgency at all levels.

The Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine Region is well aware of this need and the role it has to play. Since 1990, it has been fostering action and reflection in this field. In cooperation with the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the Region initiated an innovative programme centred on the development of renewable energies. The programme then focused on energy efficiency, covering a wide range of aspects from low-energy buildings to positive energy homes.

And the name of this programme is

Today, the Regional Climate-Air-Energy Scheme (SRCAE) has set itself ambitious goals to limit climate change. The policies that have been implemented to achieve these goals are also helping to develop economic activity—which means more jobs—and will help enhance the wellbeing and comfort of people.

The missions and the activities being undertaken within the programme are thus designed to act on both the supply and demand of energy-efficient solutions. They achieve this by:

raising awareness among the various types of building operators about energy-saving building and renewable energies

offering financial incentives at all levels

mobilising building professionals

providing advice and in some cases personalised assistance

encouraging all local players to commit themselves to reaching the goals set by the SRCAE.

The Programme includes the setting up and deployment of many info outlets and support points:


For members of the public

Energy Info Spaces (EIE)

Oktave platforms

Joint ownership officers


For local authorities

Climate-Air-Energy Territorial Plan coordinators, who are responsible for initiating territorial sustainable development projects and climate change projects
Shared Energy Consultants (CEP), who provide assistance with the development of new energy competencies to small and medium-sized authorities
Collective project officers


For building professionals and construction companies

the resource centre, which provides information and assistance to building professionals

the INTERREG TRION programme, a tri-national (Franco-German-Swiss) network for energy in the metropolitan Upper-Rhine region

the ACTENA programme, which helps promote good practice on how businesses can save energy

the Alsace eco-businesses network, which identifies concrete lines of action and helps promote R&D/laboratory/eco-business partnerships

the Business Energy Consultant at the Alsace Chamber of Commerce and Industry

the Fibres-Energivie Cluster


In addition, the Programme is part of an interregional dynamic led by the Effinergie collective, which includes the setting up of various eco-labelling schemes for “energy-saving building”.

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